Final Year Project


  1. Enter the components of the vector field in the top left
    • Write equations with explicit brackets
    • Use sin/cos/tan/ln with brackets around the parameter
    • Use "PI" (capitalized pi) to insert an accurate value for Pi
    • Use "E" to insert an accurate value for e, the natural number
  2. Set up the graph boundaries, i.e. the maximum and minimum values of x and y
  3. Set up any remaining options such as the animation or particle settings
  4. Scroll down to enlarge the graph
  5. Use the Snapshot and Share buttons to grab an image or perma-link of this graph
Vector Field Plotter

Vector Field with Time Plotter

Particle Field Plotter
Motorway (Example of shared link)

Streamline Plotter

3D Vector Field Plotter

3D Particle Field Plotter